With just a few steps, we become your tax shield. Here is how you get started:

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  1. Create a user account via https://portal.getrevin.com/signup. The onboarding wizard will ask you a few questions. Once you have submitted your answers, the dashboard will show the status of the onboarding process.
  2. We will verify your details and provide you with access to the newly created Stripe account. We grant access to you under the terms of the agreement between us.
  3. As soon as we transact the first sales, we check if you integrated the checkout correctly and if you host the checkout according to the agreed terms. If there are any issues, we'll reach out to you. </aside>

Please note:

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Q: Is it possible to migrate from Paddle to Revin? Yes!

<aside> 👉 Migrating to Revin

Hard Migration:

This is where we initiate a transfer of credit card tokens from Paddle to Stripe.

  1. Sign up to Revin
  2. Revin will initiate a transfer with Stripe and you will need to tell Paddle to start a transfer
  3. Transfer of data can take up to 2 weeks
  4. When the transfer is complete, You will provide Revin with your Subscription information
  5. Revin will configure your subscriptions so they are live in your Revin Portal

It is important to note, that this method only works for credit cards/ACH/SEPA. So if you have any subscriptions through PayPal. They would not be brought over... yet :) - Until Stripe release their PayPal integration which is currently in beta!

That said, you could bring over, all transactions except for Paypal, so you would only incur Paddle fees on the remaining PayPal subscriptions.

Soft Migration (in development)

** We are currently working on this process.

  1. You sign up to Revin and implement Stripe checkout.
  2. Activate our Paddle integration.
  3. Any new subscriptions will convert through your new Stripe checkout.
  4. Your existing subscriptions will stay in Paddle (no change for them).
  5. We connect to the Paddle API to provide an overview in Revin of both Stripe and Paddle based transactions
  6. When existing customers are required to update their details, they will navigate to the Revin portal to submit.
  7. A new subscription will be created through Revin </aside>